It has taken over eighty years for the Persian Rug Co to refine our skills in cleaning fine textiles and rugs. The Persian Rug Co will be starting it’s fourth generation of people who know rugs and how to maintain them, repair them and extend the life of rugs. We find that people that own fine rugs take great pride and joy in them. These washes are very simple but are very labor intensive since the rugs are thoroughly soaked and washed with mild vegetable based soaps that do not remove the lanolin from the wool. The lanolin is the key to good quality wool. It gives wool its sheen and also helps maintain its strength. Don’t forget…pick up and delivery is available!

The process used by Persian Rug Co is much like the initial cleaning when the rug was new. One difference is the dusting machine employed by us to remove large amounts of loose dirt, sand and grit that will destroy the rug if not removed. Without this machine any cleaning effort is only superficial and will turn the embedded dirt into mud, and then it really becomes part of the rug. After dusting the rug, the rug is wet washed with a soft rotary brush using a mild soap solution with adjusted PH so as to not disturb the dyes in the rug. The rug is then vacuumed to remove excess water and then combed with a finish brush so as the pile dries it will look new and show its sheen. Finally the rug is hung to dry in an accelerated manner so there is no chance for mildew to form.

Can’t decide what works best for your design style? Just bring in any fabric swatches or paint colors and we’ll do the work for you. Our interior designer is on hand to assist customers who may need that extra help to choose a rug that would work best with the style and colors that they are working with. Come in and select from our large array of antique and new rugs in traditional or contemporary styles. We can even order custom sizes and colors to fit your needs. If it is not possible to bring your colors in we will be glad to come to you for an in home consultation.